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We act as import and export agents for prospective local/international manufacturers and producers that are suppliers worldwide who have competitive products to export. And importers and wholesalers worldwide actively looking for competitive local products or to import locally from overseas.




We are a professionally trained International Trade Agency department; we hope to provide the best possible long term import and export agency services that you will continue to trust.





We effectively provide high quality service to one agency at a time.






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Market Areas



  • Consumer products that are fast moving (Non-Food and food)


  • Residential Household and Commercial appliance – indoor and outdoor (Electronics, Electrical and Solar systems - solar cooling & heating system)


  • Bathroom goods and Building materials


  • Do It Yourself (DIY) and Hardware goods


  • Ceramics, kitchenware and Glass


  • Electric Commercial Vehicles (road legal cars, trucks, vans with spare parts)


  • Camping Equipments and Outdoor goods


  • Automotive (motor) parts and accessories


  • Hygiene and Sanitary goods


  • Perfumes and Cosmetics (Branded and non-brand)


  • Toys (wooden, plastic and woven)


  • Leather, Textile and Fabric (Fashion and design)


  • Furniture - Residential and Office (wood and non-wood)


  • Agricultural Produce (fresh, processed, dry, roasted and raw) and Agriculture Livestock


  • Sports products and Leisure equipment


  • Raw materials




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